Hello Existing Clients!

The Good Stuff

Resources, worksheets, and the client portal. A lot of the things that we have talked about, worked on and explored are here. If you can't find what you are looking for, let me know!

Client Portal

Billing and scheduling requests. Secure messaging is available through the client portal - please request to use it.  

Polyvagal Beginner's Guide

Deb Dana's Guide to Polyvagal Theory (PVT), the connection between your nervous system, thoughts and feelings - what you can learn to break cycles.

Feelings and Sensations

This worksheet is referenced often in sessions. Noticing the difference between, thoughts, feelings and body sensations is an important skill


This is the list of positive and negative cognitions for setting up an EMDR session.

Imago Dialogue Template

This is the Sender/Receiver template for couples to explore feelings around specific events. We will practice together before you use this tool with eachother.

Palouse Mindfulness

This link will take you to a complete Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course (MBSR) developed by Dave Potter.  This is a self-paced course designed for people who may have scheduling conflicts. Payment is based on a free-will offering. 

An EMDR Introduction

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is an evidenced-based trauma processing technique. 

EMDR in the News

A CBS story that explains how EMDR can change a person's life and how complex PTSD can be.