Heart Brain Balance will come to your business.

Better Me, Better Us. 

Discover how to increase productivity through better co-regulation.

Ready for something new? This two hour presentation will have you looking at the world differently, discovering the universal connection - no it isn't a cult.  Wouldn't you like to spend two hours of laughing, learning and connecting? Wouldn't your team like something other than the canned "There is no *I* in Team" presentation (actually there is, but we can discuss that later)? The nervous system is the root of connection. Connection is the source of productivity. Poor connection=limited success (come on, you know this already!). What you may not know is how to build, strengthen, and nourish those connections. 
If you have a team that isn't connecting, struggles, and clearly doesn't enjoy what they are doing - then this is the training for you! Find out how you can build healthy connections with and within your team!  Contact us fror more information.  This presentation is limited to 10 team members at a time.